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Readable notes in Keen 4

Posted: Wed Dec 25, 2019 10:29 pm
by levellass
Been meaning to post this. Something I made for a soon to be released project.

With this patch tiles of the type 'Switch for moving platforms -off' will produce a text window when Keen stands in front of them and presses the up arrow. (To keep Platform switches working just change both to the 'on' tile type.) The exact text displayed is given by an infoplane value placed one tile below the note (For reasons.) This allows a modder to put in any number of text messages and hints into the game.

If a mod decompresses the AUDIO file and can thus use the EGADICT for sound too they'll get about 1'000 bytes of text space to use. The window also plays a sound and has Keen's face in it.

Code: Select all

#Change 'Platform switch off' to 'Text message'
%patch $B997 $12 $83 $7E $FE $06 $75 $07 $C7 $45 $1C $0CB6W  $EB $05 $C7 $45 $1C
             $0DE2W  $EB $6C

#Text reading action = $0CB6W
%patch $2FB26 $00C4W $00C4W $0000W $0000W $0001W $0008W $0000W $0000W
              $12A61651RL   $00000000L    $0B801AA2RL   $0E00W

#Text reading behavior: loads the infoplane value into $00BEW
%patch $140B0 $CB
              $55 $8B $EC $83 $EC $10 $56 $57 $8B $76 $06 $8B $5C $32 $D1 $E3
              $8B $87 $25 $C9 $D1 $E8 $03 $44 $34 $89 $46 $F6 $8B $5E $F6 $D1
              $E3 $8E $06 $E9 $A7 $26 $8B $07 $05 $0012W  $89 $46 $FE $8B $5E
              $F6 $D1 $E3 $8E $06 $EB $A7 $26 $8B $07 $89 $46 $FC $B1 $08 $D3
              $E8 $4689W  $FA $8B $46 $FC $25 $00FFW  $89 $46 $F8 $B8 $0012W 
              $50 $9A $187409F1RL     $83 $C4 $02 $8B $46 $F8 $A3 $00BEW  $8B
              $46 $FA $A3 $00BFW  $9A $18740AFDRL     $9A $12A614CDRL     $B8 $006FW
              $50 $9A $12A61117RL     $83 $C4 $02 $B8 $0008W  $50 $B8 $001AW
              $50 $9A $19311070RL     $83 $C4 $04 $B8 $006FW  $50 $FF $36 $DE
              $A7 $A1 $33 $A5 $03 $06 $31 $A5 $2D $0030W  $50 $9A $1D060C79RL
                  $83 $C4 $06 $83 $2E $31 $A5 $30 $83 $06 $35 $A5 $0C $A1 $00BEW
                  $50 $9A $19310EBDRL     $83 $C4 $02 $9A $1D060A9BRL     $B8
              $001EW  $50 $9A $1E0A0AD3RL     $83 $C4 $02 $9A $146008A8RL   
              $9A $14600EDFRL     $9A $12A614EDRL     $9A $16540D59RL     $5F
              $5E $8B $E5 $5D $CB

#Nul value message for errors
%patch $2EE70 "   LASS" $00

Re: Readable notes in Keen 4

Posted: Fri Mar 06, 2020 3:40 pm
by szemigi
Hey, is it possible to replace the "platform switch off" with something else somehow?
So for example I want a plus tile property called "Text message". I hope it's kinda possible.