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Version 1.5 patches

Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 6:10 pm
by szemigi
Thanks to NY00123 for extending CK6PATCH that now supports Keen 6 version 1.5 as well, I post various patches I manage(d) to convert from 1.4. So here you go:

Data segment:

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Keen 6 v1.5: $30990
This is the tileinfo patch:

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%patchfile $29C72 KEEN6.TLI

This patch disables the creature question window:

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#Disable creature question window
%patch $1CA50 $90 $90

This patch is for the loading screen:

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#Loading screen
%patchfile $24707 CK6LOAD.BIN

Number of levels Keen can warp to:

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#Levels F10 + W accesses -Keen 6
%patch $7969 $12

BWB-type levels:

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#BwB levels: all levels above 16
%patch $62C7 $10 $77

After completing a level flags sit:

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#Flags always sit
%patch $62FE $EB

Here are the level name text patches:

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#Level name pointers
%patch $32112 $1EBA0000RL #Level 0
              $1EBB0000RL #Level 1
              $1EBD0000RL #Level 2
              $1EBE0000RL #Level 3
              $1EC00000RL #Level 4
              $1EC20000RL #Level 5
              $1EC30000RL #Level 6
              $1EC50000RL #Level 7
              $1EC60000RL #Level 8
              $1EC80000RL #Level 9
              $1EC90000RL #Level 10
              $1ECA0000RL #Level 11
              $1ECB0000RL #Level 12
              $1ECD0000RL #Level 13
              $1ECF0000RL #Level 14
              $1ED10000RL #Level 15
              $1ED30000RL #Level 16
              $1ED40000RL #Level 17 (BWB Megarocket)
              $1ED60000RL #Level 18 (High Scores)

#Level names:
%patch $1EBA0 "Fribbulus Xax" $00
%patch $1EBB0 "Bloogwaters" $0A "Crossing" $00
%patch $1EBD0 "Guard Post One" $00
%patch $1EBE0 "First Dome" $0A "of Darkness" $00
%patch $1EC00 "Second Dome" $0A "of Darkness" $00
%patch $1EC20 "The Bloogdome" $00
%patch $1EC30 "Bloogton Mfg.," $0A "Incorporated" $00
%patch $1EC50 "Bloogton Tower" $00
%patch $1FC60 "Bloogfoods, Inc." $00
%patch $1FC80 "Guard Post Two" $00
%patch $1FC90 "Bloogville" $00
%patch $1FCA0 "BASA" $00
%patch $1FCB0 "Guard Post Three" $00
%patch $1FCD0 "Bloogbase Rec" $0A "District" $00
%patch $1FCF0 "Bloogbase Mgmt." $0A "District"
%patch $1FD10 "Bloog Control Center"
%patch $1FD30 "Blooglab" $00
%patch $1FD40 "Bean-with-Bacon" $0A "Megarocket" $00
%patch $1ED60 "High Scores" $00

These are the patches for the level entry texts:

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#Level entry pointers
%patch $32176 $1ED70000RL #Level 0
              $1ED90000RL #Level 1
              $1EDC0000RL #Level 2
              $1EDF0000RL #Level 3
              $1EE20000RL #Level 4
              $1EE50000RL #Level 5
              $1EE80000RL #Level 6
              $1EEB0000RL #Level 7
              $1EED0000RL #Level 8
              $1EF00000RL #Level 9
              $1EF30000RL #Level 10
              $1EF60000RL #Level 11
              $1EFB0000RL #Level 12
              $1EFE0000RL #Level 13
              $1F020000RL #Level 14
              $1F060000RL #Level 15
              $1F0A0000RL #Level 16
              $1F0D0000RL #Level 17 (BWB Megarocket)
              $1F100000RL #Level 18 (High Scores)

#Level entry text
%patch $1ED70 "Keen attacks" $0A "Fribbulus Xax" $00
%patch $1ED90 "Keen hops across" $0A "Bloogwaters" $0A "Crossing" $00
%patch $1EDC0 "Keen fights his way" $0A "through Guard Post One" $00
%patch $1EDF0 "Keen crosses into the" $0A "First Dome of Darkness" $00
%patch $1EE20 "Keen dares to enter the" $0A "Second Dome of Darkness" $00
%patch $1EE50 "Keen foolishly enters" $0A "the Bloogdome" $00
%patch $1EE80 "Keen makes his way" $0A "into Bloogton" $0A "Manufacturing" $00
%patch $1EEB0 "Keen ascends" $0A "Bloogton Tower" $00
%patch $1EED0 "Keen hungrily enters" $0A "Bloogfoods, Inc." $00
%patch $1EF00 "Keen smashes through" $0A "Guard Post Two" $00
%patch $1EF30 "Keen seeks thrills" $0A "in Bloogville" $00
%patch $1EF60 "Keen rockets into the" $0A "Bloog Aeronautics and" $0A "Space Administration" $00
%patch $1EFB0 "Keen boldly assaults" $0A "Guard Post Three" $00
%patch $1EFE0 "Keen whoops it up in" $0A "the Bloogbase" $0A "Recreational District" $00
%patch $1F020 "Keen purposefully struts" $0A "into the Bloogbase" $0A "Management District" $00
%patch $1F060 "Keen bravely enters the" $0A "Bloog Control Center," $0A "looking for Molly" $00
%patch $1F0A0 "Keen warily enters" $0A "Blooglab Space" $0A "Station" $00
%patch $1F0D0 "Keen returns to the" $0A "Bean-with-Bacon" $0A "Megarocket" $00
%patch $1F100 "Keen is in the High" $0A "Score screen. Call Id!" $00

Music patch:

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#This is the music played in each level:
#             VALUE   LEVEL                      MUSIC PLAYED            LEVEL No
%patch $30C9E $0005W  #Map                            (Aliens Ate My Babysitter)  0
              $0003W  #Bloogwaters Crossing           (Faster)                    1
              $0001W  #Guard Post One                 (Brer Tar)                  2
              $0008W  #First Dome of Darkness         (Mamba Snake)               3
              $0008W  #Second Dome of Darkness        (Mamba Snake)               4
              $0008W  #Bloogdome                      (Mamba Snake)               5
              $0007W  #Bloogton Manufacturing         (Metal)                     6
              $0002W  #Bloogton Tower                 (To the Future)             7
              $0007W  #Bloogfoods, Inc.               (Metal)                     8
              $0001W  #Guard Post 2                   (Brer Tar)                  9
              $0003W  #Bloogville                     (Faster)                    10
              $0002W  #BASA                           (To the Future)             11
              $0001W  #Guard Post 3                   (Brer Tar)                  12
              $0004W  #Bloogbase Recreational District(Space Funk)                13
              $0004W  #Bloogbase Management District  (Space Funk)                14
              $0006W  #Bloog Control Center           (Ominous)                   15
              $0002W  #Blooglab Space Station         (To the Future)             16
              $0000W  #Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket     (A World of Wonderment)     17
              $0000W  #High Scores                    (A World of Wonderment)     18

#Other musics played
%patch $5A89 $000DW #Star Wars text screen
%patch $E3BB $0001W #Molly ending

This is for the title screen's bitmap:

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#Cache title (that appears after the terminator text sequence)
%patch $4F6F $0022W

Disabling all cheats:

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#Disable all cheat (A+2+ENTER can still be activated though)
%patch $7BEA $EB

Range of levels from the map:

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#Range of levels Keen can enter from the map in Keen 6
%patch $D13D $C000W $76 #Minimum
%patch $D143 $C012W $77 #Maximum