Shikadi Mine spawns 10K point item + Sparky

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Shikadi Mine spawns 10K point item + Sparky

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Shikadi Mine takes 12 shoots to kill. If it explodes, it spawns a 10,000 point item that stays in the air instead of falling down. Its sprite frames are: 5SPR0269.BMP and 5SPR0270.BMP.
Also keep in mind that if Keen touches the Mine, it won't explode! So it can only explode if Keen shoots it. And not least, Shikadi Mine flashes when Keen shoots it and Shikadi Mine is not deadly to touch.

Sparky acts like the Flect from Keen 6:
If Keen shoots the Sparky, Keen's shot will bounce back. EXCEPT: This bouncing back shot would happen to all directions, when Keen tries to shoot the Sparky. So no matter Keen shoots Sparky from the left, right, down, up, his shot will bounce back.

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