Keen 5: Shikadi spawns V card + other

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Keen 5: Shikadi spawns V card + other

Post by szemigi » Fri Jul 13, 2018 11:34 pm

1. If I killed the Shikadi, it spawns a V card (completely similar to the Blooglets in Keen 6, which spawns gem after shooting it).

2. The Shikadi doesn't zap the pole.

3. Keen can die on the map, BUT map Keen has only own 1 death frame (so it doesn't use the in-level death frame/in short: they are separated). Map Keen death frame would be 5SPR0139.BMP since I don't use the surfing sprite.

4. I can win the game by touching the QED sprite (so no Shikadi Mine needed), no matter in what level I am. And if I touch the QED sprite, it doesn't explode but I win the game.

5. When I open the V card door, Keen doesn't enter it (only if he wants, so kinda optional). (Note: I saw you already posted this patch as a part of Ceilick's Keen 9, but I tell you it has a bug: when Keen opens the card door, the door is opened, but Keen slips to the left and I couldn't control him after that.)

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#V card door animates, but Keen doesn't walk through it
%patch $AD5D $CB
This patch must be fixed in all cases (for my request especially).

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