i want to begin to learn mapping for the galaxy engine and i need someone to support me!

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Re: i want to begin to learn mapping for the galaxy engine and i need someone to support me!

Post by Nisaba » Tue Aug 07, 2018 7:00 pm

no hard feelings!

I didn't say that your level is bad. I just mentioned that for me it's way to hard. that's all. The level of difficulty is somewhat reminiscent of the stuff that KeenRush build. a hardcore challenge so to speak. and you did a good job making it really challenging.
darkdave1985 wrote:and i didn't watch the whole video of you playing it so far but i must say that the most things by which you died the whole time, at the very beginning are by far not so hard as they come across in the video.
well, let me tell you something. as a level designer you are always way ahead of the average player, simply to the fact that you do know every tile and sprite placement inside out. looking at recorded footage like the video I was sending you (which is by now password protect!) you get a chance to see how other people manage to solve your puzzles. this always differs from your own play testing especially if it is a bind run through. it's always a good idea to give your early builds to a couple of people with different skill levels to get an idea what works and what not, so you can evaluate the game's appeal to players with different levels of experience and so on.

that said, please don't change anything only because things felt too hard for me. Check the experience others have. feedback from a beta tester give you really good insights of what people feel about your production. In my case I was just overwhelmed by all the action on a 320x200 pixel screen. others might feel more comfortable with the setting, some might save every three seconds and so on. so all in all I'd advice to let as many people as possible test your level to check whether or not your ideas work they way you've intended them in the first place.

I haven't looked into abiathar just yet, so I can't give you feedback on bugs and flaws. though I've notice one dead end trap already, but I need to check things first.

speaking of challenging mods: make sure to check out NY00123's tests level!

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