Disable -tedlevel and -nowait arguments (sort of...)

Completed patches for Keen6.
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Disable -tedlevel and -nowait arguments (sort of...)

Post by NY00123 »

For the ones who want to make cheating harder... (requires Keen 6 v1.4)

#Disable tedlevel cheat (sort of...).

%patch $34D0A $2020 $2020 $2020 $2020

#Disable nowait argument.

%patch $34D13 $2020 $2020 $2020

Note that if there's a way to pass an argument with space (like "- "), you may still be able to take advantage of the functionality of any of the above arguments.
I recall a similar thing was done by 3DR in some kind of an 'anti-cheat' period...

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Post by levellass »

These patches are unwiedly and don't work with all versions of CKPatch. What you want are:

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#Change TEDLEVEL switch:
%patch $34D0A "TEDLEVEL" $00

#Change NOWAIT switch:
%patch $34D13 "NOWAIT" $00

This allows us to change the commands, including into things that most people can't type, or aren't saved in most word programs. To disable them permanently, we just have to track the code that reads these two strings. Huzzah!

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