Keen 8: Dead in the Desert

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Re: Keen 8: Dead in the Desert

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Hi, all. I know this thread has been dead for quite some time, but the reason I'm posting here is to thank Ceilick and all those involved with finishing the Commander Keen series. I played these games as a kid and even built my own BWBM (I called it the bean-with-bacon-megarocket-twin or BWBMT - not very creative, I know) and never loved a game more than this one. You guys have done a STELLAR job on this! I mean, some aspects are even better than the original levels! This was a Grade A production and I am more than honored to have been allowed to play to the end. I will probably be playing Commander Keen on and off until the day I die, and now I am grateful to say that I will be adding these FINAL EPISODES to that gameplay. You are extremely generous to make this available as freeware, and I cannot thank you enough. I shake your hand, bow low, and kiss your ring. May the good karma you've made hear follow you throughout the rest of your lives. Thank you. Thank you.

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