Text Patches: Cheats, Items, Status Screen and More

Completed patches for Keen6.
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Text Patches: Cheats, Items, Status Screen and More

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Here are some miscellaneous text patches that deal with cheats, items, the status screen, the question that you have to answer in order to play the game, the text displayed when you don't make it past a level and the menu that might be useful. I don't think these have already been posted; I didn't find them when I did a search, and they're not at the patch index.

Here they are:

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#Cheat code text
%patch $31307 "Debug keys active" $00

# Used by cheat F10+Y
%patch $3114C "WORKING" $00

# Used by cheat F10+B
%patch $3119A " Border color (0-15):" $00

%patch $311B0 "God mode OFF" $00 
              "God mode ON" $00

# Used by cheat F10+I
%patch $311C9 "Free items!" $00

%patch $311D5 "Jump cheat ON" $00 
              "Jump cheat OFF" $00

%patch $311F2 "No clipping ON" $00
              "No clipping OFF" $00

%patch $31121 "Slow motion ON" $00
              "Slow motion OFF" $00

# Used by cheat F10+V
%patch $31230 "  Add how many extra VBLs(0-8):" $00

%patch $31250 " Warp to which level(1-18):" $00

# Used by cheat B+A+T
%patch $3126D "Cheat Option!" $0A $0A
              "You just got all" $0A
              "the keys, 99 shots," $0A
              "and an extra keen!" $00

# Text displayed in "boss cheat" screen
%patch $312BB "C:>" $00


# What Keen says when he finds the Stupendous Sandwich of Chungella IV
%patch $325B6 "This is the second" $0A "biggest sandwich" $0A "I ever saw!" $0A $00

# What Keen says when he sees the Grabbiter but doesn't have the sandwich
%patch $3301A "Oh, no!" $0A "It's a slavering" $0A "Grabbiter! He says," $0A $22 "Get me lunch and" $0A "I'll tell ya a secret!" $22 $00

# What Keen says when he gives the Grabbiter the sandwich
%patch $33071 "The Grabbiter grabs" $0A "the gigantic sandwich," $0A "downs it in one bite," $0A "and says," $22 "Here's your" $0A "secret. Big meals" $0A "make me sleepy!" $22 $00

# What Keen says when he finds the rope and grappling hook
%patch $325E7 "Wow! A rope and" $0A "grappling hook!" $0A "They look useful!" $0A $00

# What Keen says when he goes to the cliff without the rope and grappling hook
%patch $33139 "What a tall cliff" $0A "Wish I had a rope" $0A "and grappling hook." $0A $00

# What Keen says when he finds the rocket passcard
%patch $3261A "What's this? Cool!" $0A "A passcard for" $0A "the Bloogstar Rocket!" $0A "(It can fly through" $0A "their force field.)" $0A $00

# What Keen says when he goes to the rocket without the passcard
%patch $330EB "The door makes a loud" $0A "blooping noise." $0A "It says," $0A $22 "Passcard required" $0A "for entry." $22 $00


# The question you have to answer to play the game
%patch $356AB "What is the name of this creature?" $00

# Displayed when you answer incorrectly
%patch $356CE "Sorry, that's not quite right." $00 "Please check your manual and try again." $00

# Correct answers (creature names)
%patch $35657 "BIP" $00
	"BABOBBA" $00
	"BLORB" $00
	"GIK" $00
	"CEILICK" $00
	"FLECT" $00
	"BOBBA" $00
	"NOSPIKE" $00
	"FLEEX" $00


# Displayed when Keen doesn't make it past a level
%patch $30F73 "You didn't make it past" $00
%patch $30F8B "Try Again" $00
%patch $30F95 "Exit to Fribbulus Xax" $00


%patch $34F90 "BEGIN EASY GAME" $00
              "BEGIN NORMAL GAME" $00
              "BEGIN HARD GAME" $00
%patch $35069 "NEW GAME" $00 
              "LOAD GAME" $00 
              "SAVE GAME" $00
              "CONFIGURE" $00 
              "END GAME" $00 
              "PADDLE WAR" $00
              "QUIT" $00

%patch $350CC "ESC TO BACK OUT" $00
%patch $350DC "REALLY END CURRENT GAME?" $00
              "PRESS Y TO END IT" $00
%patch $35107 "REALLY QUIT?" $00
              "PRESS Y TO QUIT" $00
%patch $35124 "YOU'RE IN A GAME" $00
              "PRESS Y TO LOAD GAME" $00
%patch $3514A "YOU'RE IN A GAME" $00
%patch $35604 "RETURN TO GAME" $00 
              "RETURN TO DEMO" $00
%patch $3564B "Quitting..." $00

# Options menu
%patch $351AE "SCORE BOX (ON)" $00
              "SCORE BOX (OFF)" $00
%patch $351CD "TWO-BUTTON FIRING (ON)" $00
              "TWO-BUTTON FIRING (OFF)" $00
%patch $351FC "FIX JERKY MOTION (ON)" $00
              "FIX JERKY MOTION (OFF)" $00
%patch $35229 "SVGA COMPATIBILITY (ON)" $00
              "SVGA COMPATIBILITY (OFF)" $00
%patch $3525A "USE GRAVIS GAMEPAD (ON)" $00
              "USE GRAVIS GAMEPAD (OFF)" $00
%patch $3528B "Score box now on" $00
              "Score box now off" $00
              "Press any key" $00


%patch $312BF "LOCATION" $00
%patch $312C8 "SCORE" $00 
              "EXTRA" $00
%patch $312EB "KEYCARD" $00
%patch $312D4 "LEVEL" $00 
              "Easy" $00 
              "Normal" $00 
              "Hard" $00
%patch $312F1 "KEYS" $00 
              "AMMO" $00 
              "KEENS" $00 
              "VIVAS" $00
I'm pretty positive that they don't contain any errors, but if you find any, please let me know so I can fix them. I hope you enjoy the patches!

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Post by levellass »

They have been added! (If the Keen Dreams text patches aren't there I shall have to look them up, I have them somewhere.)

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This is awesome

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