Foray in the Forest

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Foray in the Forest

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Commander Keen: Foray in the Forest


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Version 1.0 ...
Version 1.1 is currently under construction and should be ready for release shortly. If you are planning to play the game for the first time, it's advised to wait for this next update!

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You will need DOSBox to play this mod. Run via FITF.EXE or play.bat. No further files or setup are required.
Tip: On Windows, simply drag FITF.EXE onto the DOSBox desktop shortcut to play.
On Mac, you will need to mount to the proper directory. See ... macos.html
To my fellow Linux nerds: you know how to handle things anyway.
For MS-DOS users, please consult the HELPME.COM file to learn about the recommended system requirements.

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For this game, we have developed countless new features that we believe will increase the fun and replay value of the game. There are actually too many of them for us to discuss them all in detail here. Nevertheless, let's scratch the surface and take a brief look at the most important changes. For more in depth info you can either browse the HINT.COM file, visit the in-game HELP section or flick through the MANUAL.PDF.

-> Perfect Score: collecting points will unlock neat extras and bonus levels
-> Multiple Endings: your decisions during the game will have an impact
-> Quick-Save / Quick-Load: save and load your game with a simple keystroke
-> Saving Costs A Life: I know it sounds crazy, but it actually gives new meaning to collecting drops and extra lives
-> Limited Ammunition: don't worry, there's plenty to find
-> Special Status Window: with the help of this additional status window you can detect items nearby, like ammo for e.g.
-> 19 Playable Levels: well, technically speaking, there are 47 levels in total. Happy exploring!
-> Iterations Of The World: the layouts and structures of the levels have also been adapted for each difficulty level! Same goes for enemy behaviour
-> More Of Everything: 30+ songs, 30+ enemies, 30+ point items, tilesets 3x the size, and so much more to explore...

Before you start, please take a look at the story. You can access it by pressing F1. And don't forget to inspect the MANUAL.

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At long last, after eight years (fourteen if we count Mr. M initial announcement of the mod), I can finally make this post. :pogo Thank you all for your patience, contributions and warmhearted support. I hope you have as much fun playing the game as I had creating it.

This game is the product of years of hard work from many people. My intention for this mod has always been to bring together the best quality pieces from the community that have somehow fallen under the radar. It all started with a lost project by Mr. M, which I fell in love with. From there things evolved quite a bit. You will come across some more, some less familiar designs that will light up. There will certainly be one or two cross-references to discover. And of course previously unseen material will be celebrated as well. There are tons of things to explore!

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback. In particular, let me know if you find anything in the level design that you think might benefit from. I'll take all suggestions into consideration. Please report bugs, problems, and other recommendations here. And of course I'm delighted to see recorded playthroughs, as they make my modding heart soar.

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Source-Code: link will follow soon
Trailer: link will follow soon
Soundtrack: link will follow soon
Wiki-Article: link will follow soon
Play as Vanilla-Keen: link will follow soon

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= = = = = =
Creator: Nisaba
Programming: K1n9_Duk3
Tool Smith: Fleex
Music Composition: kvee, eggs_box, Kohntarkosz_, Mr_M

Additional Contributions (in alhabethic order): 55Aavenue, A.R., Awesome-Keener, Bob "Mort" Thewes, Bubbatom, Ceilick, ChargingMoose, ckguy, DarkAle, Dautz, DoomJedi, Dr. Colossus, FaceLaces, Flaose, Genius314, Gridlock, Hagel, Jarno LV, , keenmaster486, KeenRush, Lee Jackson, Lemm, Levellass, Lotte, Mark the Candyjunk, Mobiethian, MoffD, Mr_M, nanomekia, Nowhere Girl, NY00123, obsidian29, Pandakeen, Petka, Plasma Captian, ProYorp, Quillax, Roobar, Snortimer, Spleen, Syllypryde, Tesseract, The Shifted One, TheBigV, TSK, T-Squared, tulip, X-Rack Projekt, Xky Rauh, Zero X. Diamond, Zilem

Detailed information about each supporting hand, categorized by department, can be found in the "Credits" section of the game (press F1 to access this menu). Let me know if I missed your name and I'll add it.

Special thanks to K1n9_Duk3, without whom none of my visions could have been realized. You didn't just go along with my nutty ideas, you constantly improved them and lifted them to a new level. And in passing, you've even improved the source code and made it way more efficient then ever!


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