The End of the World

Completed patches for Keen2.
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The End of the World

Post by Benvolio »

I've been thinking about the Tantalus Switches and how cool both the screen "shake" and the earth Explosion are.

I have read the Keenwiki patching pages on these and the basics certainly have beem covered.

To be clear the following are not patch demands/requests nor are they particularly rooted in reality

But I wonder....

- is there any way to integrate the shake effect into other triggers such as collisiom with a sprite, and to do so without moving to the second part of that sequence and ending the game. I.e. something more like a simple earthquake, akin to whst happens with the Blooguard in Keen6?
- can the "shake" be transposed into Keen1?
- can the explosion be made to occur in-level, in isolation i.e. not as part of the full "tantalus switch" sequence. E.g. you shoot some sprite and then the explosion occurs and then maybe the sprite is gone and/or you win the level
- can the above be patched into Keen1

I just think this is one of the coolest cinematics in the whole series and I do wonder if it has been truly exploited to its limit.
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Re: The End of the World

Post by Nisaba »

I don't think that really answers your question. Nevertheless, if you work with the source code, this is feasible in any case.
I have to agree with you that this cinematic feature is really impressive. One reason also why I included this effect in my mod
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