Keen Dreams Definitive Edition.....

Utilities for editing Keen:Galaxy and Keen:Dreams levels.
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Keen Dreams Definitive Edition.....

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Hello, all. Just saw yesterday that this is a release for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U. It is claiming to have extra levels. Has anyone looked into it. Or played it yet? I'd love to see maps and/ or sprites. Walls, etc. I've downloaded a Switch emulator, but haven't used it yet, or even looked at the files, but hope to soon.

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Re: Keen Dreams Definitive Edition.....

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I'd suggest trying to contact the creators of that version. Even if you can find a way to copy a digital download of a console game onto a PC, the game data might be encrypted or otherwise obscured, making it hard to access. Even if you could, the files might not even be in the same format anymore, since there's no need to maintain compatibility with the old DOS versions.
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