Keen 1: Chain and Boulder Patches

Request patches for Keens 1-3.
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Keen 1: Chain and Boulder Patches

Post by proYorp » Sun Oct 21, 2018 12:49 am

Hey guys, so my little brother is working on a mod, and he wanted me to ask here for a few patches related to the chain and boulder in Keen 1. Assistance would be much appreciated! :)

1) The chain is activated by Keen touching it, instead of shooting it.
2) The chain is X tiles above the boulder, where X is a number that can be changed by altering one of the values in the patch.
3) When activated, the boulder moves up instead of down.
4) A patch to change the speed of the boulder, able to make it slower.

I can imagine that some of these are probably going to be tough to patch. My brother says he doesn't need the patches right away, so there's no big hurry.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Keen 1: Chain and Boulder Patches

Post by levellass » Tue Dec 25, 2018 12:01 am

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#Chain is triggered by Keen, not shots
%patch $22C7 $3F $01

#Block falls upwards
%patch $24DD $FF
Easy enough. Note that now the block falls up you have to change the tiles it uses, its topmost tile is black space and the bottommost is bolder, meaning that the bolder leaves behind a stack of bolder bottoms. Also, to push Keen up with the bolder (Which I'm guessing you want?) you'll need to give the bolder's tiels the door property. This is all detailed on the chain's Keenwiki page.

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#Block tiles
%patch $23CD $01DCW #Top left
%patch $2436 $01DDW #Top middle
%patch $24B6 $01DEW #Top right
%patch $23EF $01E9W #Bottom left
%patch $2458 $01EAW #Bottom middle
%patch $24D8 $01EBW #Bottom right
%patch $23AB $009BW #Left left behind
%patch $2414 $009BW #Middle left behind
%patch $2494 $009BW #Right left behind
In this case you'll want to swap the 'left behind' values with the top tiles (I think.)

Code: Select all

#Vertical position of block compared to chain
%patch $231C $01
EDIT: This controls how far down the block starts its thing, relative to the chain. It can be negative or zero.

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