ModKeen mods Tiles and Sprites in all episodes of Commander Keen.
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Hi there, i'm sorry but the link doesn?t work.
Quite a long time between the last post and this one no? :)
Edit: Thanks, i downloaded it but now:
I need help with mod keen.
I did Unlzexe, i exported the graphics, and then i imported them, runned ck4patch and the game doesn?t work. The console in windows closes instantly and in DOsBox there comes the loading screen and after that a mess of colours.
First i tried writing text in the start menu bmp with paint and importing it but it dindt work.
Then I tried it again without changing any of the graphics and the same problem.
What can I do?
This forum is a bit crazy. It gives me errors when i make a reply or create a topic. I think it don?t likes me:

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