Yellow Tiles?

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Quirky Moron
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Yellow Tiles?

Post by Quirky Moron »

What are thoose yellow tiles in XTIL0000?
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Post by Ilsoap »

It looks like the tileset for Keen2 was made by taking Keen1's tiles and editing the ones that they wanted to change (evidence, some of the ice cannons are still there). The yellow tiles are likely tiles that they got rid of and didn't do anything with. My guess is that they're free for your use, but then again, I haven't made a Keen2 mod.
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Post by KeenRush »

Yeah, there is stuff on the tilesets not used in games. :)
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Post by grelphy »

Notable unused tiles: all those black tiles at the bottom of the tileset in Keen 1; the yellow tiles (and others) in Keen 2; I think there's a green sine that has something misspelled in the SGA that's never used in Keen 3. They did a good job of overutilizing the Keen 3 tiles; I have yet to find any other than that that weren't used.

As for 4, 5 and 6, all those unused tiles are "no tiles" (according to TED5). They had to have at least one of them, but I still think they could have done a better job...
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Post by levellord »

Yes the yellow tiles are old Keen1 tiles that just weren't used.

The tiles in Keen 1 and 2 that have lines through them as well as the black tiles with the green\blue squares had something to do with the programming of Keen (In the same way a modder might put a cross on a tile they don't need or will edit later.)

The black tiles in Keen one are where tiles just weren't put.
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