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LText for text patches

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I have created a small utility to help people find basic text patches by themselves.

This tool will help a modder find text patches. The operation is very simple. Just type the text you are looking for into a file (The default used here it TEXT.TXT) and drag-and-drop it onto LText.

LText will then search its dump files (All the Keen games) and produce an OUTPUT.TXT file that contains all the possible text patches that have that text in it.

Alternatively just run LText and it will ask what text you want to look for.

Capitalization is important; 'keen' is different from 'Keen' This is why it pays to look in the game for what the exact text it is you want.

Notice that the 'text read from' line is only of interest to those who want to make the text longer than it is normally, which requires some skill and understanding.
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