Keen:Galaxy Level Editors

Utilities for editing Keen:Galaxy and Keen:Dreams levels.
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Keen:Galaxy Level Editors

Post by XkyRauh » Mon Feb 07, 2011 8:24 pm

This forum is for the listing and discussion of level editing utilities for the Keen:Galaxy series of games, as well as Keen:Dreams.

Originally, the only piece of software available to us TED5, the development utility that Keen's original creators used to craft the official episodes we know and love!

Important: When creating a topic, be sure to mention which editor you are using in your Subject line, preferably at the beginning. For example:
  • Keen:Next - Help! I can't figure something out!
    TED5: How do I Carmackize my levels?
A lot of the existing threads here are from before that time--do not be fooled! :)

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