Some save game editing :)

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Some save game editing :)

Post by KeenRush » Fri Nov 14, 2003 1:48 pm

Hi all, I some days ago, in the morning, when I had nothing else to do, I decided that I could take a look at Keen Dreams save games with a hex editor. I don't have experience on this area, but it wasn't so hard afterall.

Here's some info:
hex 6 - The name of the save game. Starting from the adress 6, and the max length, if my knowledge is correct, is 34. So, the last adress or whatever what you can use is 27. So, your save game name could be, for example: "This is my save game! :) Have fun!".. But don't make the names too long, or you will get funny results in game! ;)
hex 52 & hex 53 - These have something to do with the "next Keen at" thing. If you set both of them to "00", you can get new Keen with every item that increases your score! :) Quite nice feature..
hex 56 - Amount of Flower Power. (those things you can throw)
hex 58 - Amount of Boobus Bombs. (those you need with the final boss Boobus Tuber)
hex 5C - Amount of keys. (you open doors with those)
hex 60 - Number of Keens (lives). :)

I'm pretty sorry I couldn't find where to change the score, but I just couldn't find it and I've spent quite much time hunting it. :) Probably it's easy to find, but of course I just can't notice it..

I'll try to have some fun with the other files from these Keen games, and so on. Maybe write something program sometime. Who knows..

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Post by ckguy » Sun Nov 16, 2003 4:41 pm

Woah, sounds great!

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Post by levellass » Tue Mar 31, 2009 11:56 pm

Actually, the format I have for this is:

Code: Select all

0   6    Sig          Signature, 'KDR' padded with nuls
6   20   Name         Saved Game name, max 20 chars, padded with nuls
26  52   Blank        Nulls, not read, though some parts may be involved with memory and can cause
                      problems, especially bytes 41-45
78  4    Score        Keen's score
82  4    Extra Keen   Score Keen gets an extra Keen at 
86  2    Flowers      Flower powers Keen has
88  4    Bombs        Boobus Bombs Keen has
92  4    Keys         Keys Keen has
96  2    Lives        Lives Keen has
98  2    Hardness     Difficulty level, 0-3
100 x    Level        Keen Dreams level in uncarmackized format. Includes Keen's location and
                      all sprites, in their standard forms

Now then, can anyone guess what one of my future Keen projects will involve?

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