Longer length for each help sections?

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Longer length for each help sections?

Post by szemigi »

I've noticed on KeenWiki it is possible to change the text locations for the help sections.
Changing the text locations allows the modder to alter the size of each text segment.

But how could I do that? I know silly question, but now I need it as there is not any Keen Dreams mod yet that has changed help text location(s).
(I admit I want all the 3 help sections to be as long as the registered Keen Dreams help sections.)

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Re: Longer length for each help sections?

Post by levellass »

This is tricky since you only have limited space in the game executable for help sections. This is the default patch:

Code: Select all

#Location of first (main) help text segment, $22EF0
%patch $15642 $22EFRW
%patch $15647 $0000W

#Location of second (controls) help text segment, $229E0
%patch $1564E $229ERW
%patch $15653 $0000W

#Location of third (story) help text segment, $23090
%patch $1565A $2309RW
%patch $1565F $0000W
It's possible to relocate the main help segment to the data segment around $23C40, but it won't get you much more space. The game is just so limited.

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