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Flower Power move like neural stunner shots

Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:17 am
by levellass
This patch makes FP move in straight lines, like Keen's shots in galaxy. The only side effect is that those thrown up will stick to ceilings and remain there forever. To prevent this a patch stopping Keen shooting up can be included. (but is not vital.)

The speed is a product of the animation speed and h\v speed,i n the sixth and eigth line of the patch. This patch uses a speed of $40 and an animation speed of $6. The shot directions depend on the following lines, and can be diagonal or even sit still.

The last line makes the shot vanish instantly when it hits walls and floors, so the player can't get it again. If removed then the flower power will blink a bit before vanishing instead.

Code: Select all

#Stop Keen throwing Flower Power...
%patch $6D29 $1130W #Upwards
%patch $71B0 $152CW #Upwards while jumping
%patch $7275 $11A8W #Upwards on a pole

#Flower power move in straight lines
%patch $24642 $00A2W $00A2W $0001W $0000W $0000W $0006W $0040W $0040W
%patch $24660 $00A3W $00A3W $0001W $0000W $0000W $0006W $0040W $0040W

%patch $641A $10 $FFFFW
%patch $641F $0E $0000W

%patch $642A $10 $0000W
%patch $642F $0E $0001W

%patch $643A $10 $0001W
%patch $643F $0E $0000W

%patch $644A $10 $0000W
%patch $644F $0E $FFFFW

#Vanish when hitting solid tiles
%patch $6964 $0000W

Posted: Thu Aug 06, 2015 10:05 pm
by szemigi
I think I'll use this in the future sometimes.