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Main Map Elevators in Keen 5

Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2020 2:41 am
by 55Aavenue
Does anyone know if there is any quirks about the elevators can be used on the map on Keen 5? By that I mean, do they have to be certain distances apart or in a certain orientation...I know you have to patch in the start and destination points, as well as link them in Abiathar, but they seem to be very unreliable. Often they just spit Keen out at 1,1.

Ill move them around and then one elevator will work but another won't. I think they might have some restrictions as to how they can be arranged, even if you patch and link them correctly? If I orientate them exactly as they are in Vanilla Keen 5 they work, but this doesn't really work with my map design. Does anyone know about this or has anyone had this happen to them? I notice not very many Keen 5 mods use the elevators at all. Perhaps this is why...

Edit: This post can pretty much be disregarded, the problem was caused be an issue in my patch file