Galaxy Explosion Parameters

Completed patches for Keen5.
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Galaxy Explosion Parameters

Post by lemm » Tue Sep 28, 2010 4:33 am

A couple of patches related to galaxy explosions.

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%ext ck5
%version 1.4

#color planes to enable for starburst
%patch $F73F $0F

#starburst length (frames/2 )
%patch $F7D7 $1E

For the colour planes, B = 1, R = 2, G = 4, I = 8. Add the relevant planes to get the foreground colour of the starburst. Also, only the planes that you have enabled for the starburst will be erased from the pre explosion bitmap. For example, if you use the R and G planes, then all R and G data from the pre explosion bitmap will be erased, while the B and I data will remain in the background of the explosion, static. If you were to combine this with the palette patch for the pre-explosion phase, you could get some pretty nifty effects...
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Post by levellass » Thu Sep 30, 2010 1:48 am

And of course the palette used in game over:

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#Colors as follows: $1F, white; $1E, yellow; $19, light purple; $1C, light red; 
#                   $1B, light teal; $1A, light green; $19, light blue; $19, light green
#                   $07, light grey; $06, brown; $05, dark purple; $04, dark red
#                   $03, dark teal; $02 dark green; $01, dark grey  $00, black

#Palette used during Game Over
%patch $31BE2  $00 $01 $02 $03 $04 $05 $06 $07  $18 $19 $1A $1B $1C $1D $1E $1F  $03

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