V card doors

Completed patches for Keen5.
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V card doors

Post by levellass » Wed Dec 16, 2009 4:58 am

Worked out as part of a Keen 9 patch.

When Keen opens a V card door he will then enter it automatically, which is how he exits some levels. If you don't want this to happen (So Keen just opens the door) use this:
#V card door animates, but Keen doesn't walk through it
%patch $AD5D $CB

The opposite, the door not animating when 'opened' is:
#What tile property(ies) cause Keen to animate a door when walking through it
%patch $AD05 $21 $74

When a door is opened a block of tiles, much like say the bridges or gem doors, will animate. By default this starts at the corner of the V card door (All values from the rightmost door pointer) but you can change this, so that Keen could say, blow up a machine when he opens a door (Or flips a switch, or however you mod it.)

Like the bridge, the block extends until it can't find any more tile to aniamte. You can change the animation speed too.

Code: Select all

#Loc of animation square start (From rightmost door value)
%patch $AD33  $0002W #Horizontal
%patch $AD40  $0004W #Vertical
%patch $AD48  $0002W #Anim speed of each frame

As a side note, there is a special 'win level' value for the door; when this is used, the screen doesn't move and the level is won. (You can do something similar by giving the door a value larger than the level so Keen is transported off screen, but then the screen moves.) I like to set this to 0, so any 'unlabeled' doors win.

Note that you can have a door transport Keen to the level bottom, that is, be a killer door.

Code: Select all

#Value for V card doors that wins level:
%patch $B44D $B1B1W

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