Vorticons Requests and Discussion

Request patches for Keens 1-3.
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Vorticons Requests and Discussion

Post by XkyRauh » Sun Aug 07, 2005 11:49 pm

This is the forum to discuss existing patches, request new ones, speculate on possibilities, complain about progress of your mod, or otherwise talk about the Keen:Vorticons trilogy.

Keep in mind that while Keen1 is shareware, Keen2 and Keen3 are not. Distribution of Keen2 and Keen3 isn't legal, and piracy is frowned upon.

PATCH AUTHORS -- Since there is no longer discussion in the Patch threads themselves, it is your responsibility to make your Patch Articles as informative and organized as possible.

BEGINNING PATCHERS -- If you have a question about a patch posted already, don't be afraid to start a topic here, linking to the patch in question and asking what you need to ask. When everything is cleared up, (and the Patch Article is updated,) the discussion thread can be locked/removed.

PATCH REQUESTS -- Same deal. Start a thread asking if a patch you've got in mind is possible. Once the kinks are worked out, a Patch Article should be created in the appropriate place, and the request thread will be locked/removed.

It adds a few steps to the process, but it also helps a lot of people get what they want in a smoother fashion. Thanks for being cooperative!