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K2 patches (end of world switch + Guard Robot)

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2018 10:07 pm
by Quillax
Hey there, I've been working on a Keen 2 mod, which is getting pretty close to completion! However though, there are a couple patches I thought of, which don't seem to exist but would be really cool to have. Here's what I thought about:

-The end of world switch doesn't cause a game over but instead ends the level after the "Oops." message, and if all 8 tantalus rays have been destroyed, the ending will show up. Basically, flipping the end of world switch will be like going through the exit door.

-The Guard Robot has a special reaction to a certain thing. This could be an animated tile (its type could perhaps be a ship part or something), or, if that's not possible, a sprite that just remains still (about four frames of animation). When the Guard Robot touches this thing, it will become a dead Guard Robot, using unique sprites that aren't shared with anyone else and making a sound that can be set to whatever I desire. In the area this thing appears in, there's only the Guard Robot and Keen, so other creatures shouldn't be too much of a concern. The thing can kill Keen, although it's not absolutely necessary, so don't worry if that's not possible.

Are these possible to do? I'm sure the former wouldn't be too hard to do, but the latter might be rather tricky.

Re: K2 patches (end of world switch + Guard Robot)

Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2018 2:22 am
by Quillax
Hey guys, guess what? While waiting for the patches, I thought that the end of world switch one might be so easy that even I could do it myself. So, with some trial and error, I managed to make a patch that fulfills my request! Here's the patch, in case anyone else wants to use it:

Code: Select all

#Flipping the 'End of world' switch wins the level
%patch $64F9 $0001W
It seems to work perfectly fine; it completes the level after the 'Oops.' text box and even ends the game if all 8 machines are busted. I haven't found any other side effects so far.

So, now all I'd like to have is those Guard Robot patches I requested in the post above.

EDIT: The mod is now done, so the patch isn't really necessary anymore.