Keen 1 pogo patch and blue door

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Keen 1 pogo patch and blue door

Post by szemigi » Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:34 am

If I opened the blue door (and only the blue door) with the pogo, the pogo disappears from the status screen.

(Minor note: try to reply to my past few patches for Keen 1 I requested.)

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Re: Keen 1 pogo patch and blue door

Post by levellass » Sat Oct 28, 2017 11:27 am

This is another modification of your door patch, so you will need to replace the old one with this one.

Code: Select all

#Keen can always pogo, no pogo in status window:
%patch $3B16 $EB $05 #Always pogo 1
%patch $3DA5 $EB $0C #Always pogo 2

#Doors always open if pogo got
%patch $4592 $0AF2W $0AF2W $0AF2W $0B13W

#Door check for keys or pogo code
%patch $0AF2 $8B $5E $F6 $D1 $E3 $83 $BF $AA9AW  $00 $74 $0B $56 $57 $E8 $1CF5W
                 $83 $C4 $04 $E9 $3A6FW  $83 $3E $AA9AW  $00 $75 $EE $E9 $3891W

#Special blue door code
             $83 $3E $AA9AW  $00 $74 $0C $C7 $06 $AAA4W  $0001W  $C7 $06 $AA9AW
             $0000W  $EB $CA

#Change Ammo\Pogo pointers for different sounds
%patch $45AC $449AW $44A1W

#Change code for two sounds
%patch $449A $83 $06 $AAC8W $05 $EB $10 $C7 $06 $AA9AW $0001W $B8 $0020W $50 $EB $08

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