Change 'background' tiles

Completed patches for Keen2.
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Change 'background' tiles

Post by KeenRush » Tue Sep 13, 2005 3:53 am

Originally posted by adurdin.

This is a complex patch, which changes the 'background' tiles in Keen 2 -- more specifically, it means that the first tile in each row of the tileset (there are 13 tiles in a row) becomes the background for any door or collectable item on the same row. Here is the patch file for Keen 2:

Code: Select all

%ext ck2
%version 1.31

%patch $724B              $26 $8B $07 $B6 $0D
%patch $7250  $F6 $FE $F6 $EE $26 $89 $07 $E9
%patch $7258  $14 $01

%patch $72A2  $EB $97
%patch $7327  $E9 $11 $FF

%patch $572E                          $26 $8B 
%patch $5730  $07 $B6 $0D $F6 $FE $F6 $EE $26
%patch $5738  $89 $07 $03 $1E $E4 $6B $03 $1E
%patch $5740  $E4 $6B $26 $89 $07 $90 $90 $90
%patch $5748  $90 $90


Note that if you use this patch, you should ignore the original assignment of doors and collectable items, and instead rearrange them to suit your choice of background tiles etc. If you don't, bad things will happen: for example, Keen will die when he tries to open a yellow door or gets a raygun or the pogo stick, and he'll never be able to get through any other door. But some results might be considered good: he could get as many joysticks as he wanted, and hence as many points. Bonus points if you can explain all this.

Now, before you start re-using tile 143 for a totally different purpose, I should mention that there are two other references to tile 143 that I could find in the code--but I'm not sure what they do. Anyone who can tell me the other occurrences that will cause one tile to be replaced with this background tile will get mega bonus points.

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