Some random vorticon stuff

Completed patches for Keen2.
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Some random vorticon stuff

Post by levellord » Tue Aug 23, 2005 9:31 am

Sometimes I don't request patches, I actively go looking for them. Occasionally I find them, but not this time. Enjoy these anyway:

Vorticon Grunt:

Code: Select all

# Vorticon grunt strength
%patch $3C22 $04 $00

#Vorticon jump height
%patch $3E5B $2C $01

#Vorticon normal right speed
%patch $3F5F $5A $00

#Vorticon speed bias;
#$FF $FF and smaller, vort moves left more
#$00 $00 and higher, vort moves right  more
%patch $3F3A $00 $00

#Vorticon left speed when touching block [Rarely used
%patch $3E9E $88 $FF

#Vorticon jump sprite
%patch $3F47 $52 $00
#Vorticon some other sprite
%patch $3EFD $55 $00
#Yet another sprite
%patch $3EF5 $54 $00

#Vorticon always faces right when jumping
%patch $3EED $10 $00

#Vorticon slides back and forth, no jumping or animating
%patch $3F08 $00 $00

#Vorticon slides sometimes
%patch $3F08 $01 $00

#Vorticon slides sometimes, will stick to right walls it touches
%patch $3F08 $04 $00

#Vort elite jump height
%patch $4110 $2C $01

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