Bounce on Yorps

Completed patches for Keen1.
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Bounce on Yorps

Post by levellass » Sun Mar 27, 2011 8:48 am

It is possible for Yorps not only to push Keen left and right, but also up, that it, let him bounce on them. Especially interesting is the following patch that lets Keen bounce on Yorps when trying to stun them, over and over. (It removes the 'can't stun stunned Yorp' check.)

Code: Select all

#When Keen stuns a Yorp he:
%patch $4634 $FE10W #Jumps this high
%patch $45E5 $1A2CW $EB
It's amusing to change the stunned Yorp sound with the spring sound for cosmo. (Note if your bounce is too high the Yorp will be walking when you fall back down.)

Related patches can be made for the Yorp pushing Keen (They can make him jump over them.) Most Yorp patches can be found here:

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