What you need to win

Completed patches for Keen1.
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What you need to win

Post by levellass » Thu Sep 18, 2008 12:48 pm

Discovered while looking for Tulip's patches. Basically there are four requirements before Keen can win the game, these are checked every time he enters the map. When all four are met (Have a value of 1 or more.) then the ending sequence will start.

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#What we need before we can win: (More than one of the following;)
%patch $8022 $94 #Joystick
%patch $8029 $9C #Battery
%patch $8030 $96 #Vacum
%patch $8037 $98 #Whiskey

#What the byte means:
$94: Joystick  $96: Vaccum      $98: Whiskey  $9A: Pogo       
$9C: Battery   $9E: Yellow card $A0; Red card $A2: Green card 
$A4: Blue card $A6: Level 1     $A8: Level 2  $AA: Level 3
$AC: Level 4   $AE: Level 5     $B0: Level 6  $B2: Level 7
$B4: Level 8   $B6: Level 9     $B8: Level 10 $BA: Level 11
$BC: Level 12  $BE: Level 13    $C0: Level 14 $C2: Level 15
$C4: Level 16  $C6: Lives       $C8: Ammo     $CA: Points

So by default Keen needs all four ship parts. If we change the four bytes to, say, $A6 $A8 $ AA and $9A, then Keen will need to finnish levels 1-3 AND have a pogo to win.

If you want to 'blank' a requirement, make it $CA, since come on, Keen will nearly ALWAYS have points. (Thus if all four are set to that, he will get the end after finnishing a single level on the map... if it has points.)

I hope this allows for some more creative modding, enjoy!

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Post by KeenRush » Thu Sep 18, 2008 1:40 pm

Cool! This sounds useful, especially those required levels thing. I'll most likely use this one day.

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Post by Tulip » Thu Sep 18, 2008 1:58 pm

Wow, nice job,

These patches do about everything I wanted. Now Keen 1 is gonna be different.

Hope other modders will use any of these...

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Post by Mink » Fri Sep 19, 2008 8:35 pm

Excellent work.

If I ever make a Keen 1 mod, I'll be sure to use these.

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