Level Concepts

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Level Concepts

Post by CommanderSpleen » Thu Nov 18, 2010 9:29 am

Concept drawings and photos go here.

Misty Forest
A permanent plume of mist rises from the forest into a great cloud above.


Inspired by a beach at Cape Conran. Rock pools to the left; slabs of stone jutting from the ground, reminiscent of a spinal cord, and a path leading into the distance, through a forest and out toward some other rocky areas.

The images weren't scanned at a good enough contrast to see the finer details, such as the hill beneath the misty forest and the rock pool to the left of the second drawing, but you get the idea.

Slug Bridge

The way the bridge worked in lemm's test level was pretty neat, cutting back over the top of the level, so I tried to work that in. Still needs work in this regard.

There's a guard house on either side. The one on the far side leads down through an underground cave into an opening on the lower shore. It could be surrounded by any combination of forest, cliffs and Keen 4 style village fencing.

I'm not sure which side should be which at this stage.

Lick Crossing

A causeway that the licks hop across, making it difficult or impossible for slugs to cross. In-level it would be a similar concept to Bloogwater Crossing. I experimented with a big rock in the middle of the river that you can climb, but it'd probably be very out of place. It would be more suitable to have a cliff-face on the opposite side that must be ascended.

That seaweed thing was just random sketching that happened to end up looking like something. Would make sense to see that kind of stuff sticking up from the water at low tide, though.

lemm: Might it be possible to make the causeway functional on-map in a similar manner to Miragia?

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Post by doomjedi » Tue Nov 23, 2010 6:41 am

Thanks :)

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