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So aafter Keen MTM I was filled with a great hatred and disdain for Keen, a burning loathing that smothered all attempts at creativity.

Then Fleexy mentioned that you could set up a basic level in 5 minutes using Abiathar. In theory then it should be possible to make a galaxy mod in under a day, Lemm suggested it be called 'Kube' for reasons I forget.

After weeks of stalling I started two days ago, only to be sidetracked after nearly completing it by a birthday I was not told about. So here it is, the mod that took a little less than a day to do:


It the best... a good... a mod. If it crashes, tough. I'm not tweaking anything now, that would defeat the purpose. (And scare the porpoise.) It is very basic but incorporates a few things I've been working on for people.

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Looks amazing. Was there a reason why you had to disable the "SVGA compatibility mode"?? I always have to activate this when playing Galaxy mods in DosBox 0.74, to avoid the black flickering on the lower two thirds of the screen. A very cool game nevertheless, with multiple previously unheard innovations in the functionality of the classic engine.

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