My First Mod: Save Spot!

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My First Mod: Save Spot!

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Download (thanks to Malv for hosting it!)
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Development of "Save Spot!", my Keen 1 mod, started in late 2004. However, there were various long breaks during development. Now, after almost a decade, it's finally done!

Mortimer has kidnapped Keen's pet Yorp Spot and imprisoned him in a shrine on a faraway planet named Cocolores IV. Of course, it's a trap, Mort wants Keen to be killed by the many monsters that inhabit the planet! But our hero has no other choice, Commander Keen must travel to the planet and overcome its many dangers. Help Keen obtain four special items to save his beloved Spot and explore 16 levels of old-school Keen gaming! Enjoy! :)

There's also a little easter egg in this mod - Community Cameos! You can discover cameos for 18 Keeners in total. Each one is a reference to a work or an avatar of a community member, mostly in the form of a single tile. Can you find them all? Good luck!

Special thanks to Tulip and KeenRush for beta testing!

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Pretty neat, but a little tough for me. (Hidden bricks among fire and such is pretty discouraging).

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