Gestrand op de Rode Planeet

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Gestrand op de Rode Planeet

Post by Benvolio »

Hello, my old friends. I believe the time has come for a Benvolio release. It has been a very long time since I've released a full mod. I think a lot has changed in these years: me, the community, this forum, the technology behind modding, what people look for in a mod, and what I look for in a mod.

With that borne in mind, I present a Keen1 mod entitled "Gestrand op de Rode Planeet". This mod is in Dutch. The title means "Stranded on the Red Planet". :P

This mod concerns a slight misadventure, whereby Keen is pottering around the planet Mars, as he likes to do, only to find himself ravenously hungry. So now he must gather an (arbitrary) 150 points worth of food items, in order to have enough energy to sustain himself for the flight home. The available foodstuffs happen to be delicacies frequently enjoyed in the Netherlands. I mean, why assume that the food on Mars would be American food? :P

The levels in this mod may, on initial inspection, resemble visually the style of Keen1 levels. Indeed, the graphics are pretty much a re-interpretation/re-drawing of the same imagery. But this game aims to push out the boundaries a little bit when it comes to game physics. This doesn't mean that any of the physics have been patched. Rather, the levels demand things of the player that Keen1-3 never did. So those who have paid keen attention to the physics of the Vorticons engine will hopefully be a match for the challenges held within. I will not give away any of the secrets to the levels here, but please approach me with any difficulties you may have. After all, this mod was quite experimental for me.

I hope you enjoy it. I must give my thanks to Levellass for the 150-points patch as recently requested by myself on this forum. I also must thank the community as a whole for continuing to function so well as a veritable mélange of old faces and new, continuity and revolution. Etc. Now download and play!!

Get it here (from dropbox). <<== Edit: Redownload please: two graphical glitches rectified.

Good luck!

Oh and, if you actually speak Dutch, please give constructive feedback on the Dutch in this game. I am not good at Dutch but I hope to be one day. Hence practicing on this project. :P And, if you don't speak Dutch, well there isn't actually anything important written in the in-game text.
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Post by levellass »

Tsk, dutch food is served only on Mercury. (To reflect their mercurial natures!) (And no pickled herring? Such a pity.)

It's nice to see you modding in your mother tongue, but your english could use some work. ('The tasties of all the worlds fries'?) The BWB rocket window is also slightly broken. The 'You can continue this game' text isn't dutched. (There are a few other small things.)

The graphics are simple and definitely based on Keen 1, and yet they give a different atmosphere to the game, it's almost so subtle you don't quite notice it. That is a nice touch.

The puzzles (What I have played of them so far.) are deliciously tricky and do indeed requite an expert level of keening to complete in their entirety. (I am much desirous of a Keen Galaxy style saving system, so many jumps I didn't quiiite get right!)

All in all an interesting and quirky mod. It almost tempts me to finish your highway mod, but I have too much else to do.

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Post by Orchamus »

Good for you!

I'll download it for sure and give you my opinion.

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