PATCH: Fiddle with the Horseradish

Completed patches for Keen Dreams.
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PATCH: Fiddle with the Horseradish

Post by levellord »

[By which I mean that thing that runs around and jumps over cliffs]

#Horseradish doesn't move right.
%patch $844E $00 $00
#Horseradish fall down cliffs instead of jumping them.
%patch $845B $10 $00
#Horseradish always jump, but can't turn around.
%patch $845B $A0 $00
#Leaves a still animation of itself wherever it lands after jumping
%patch $8496 $90
#When it jumps, moves slowly, doesn't come down
%patch $84B8 $10
#After jumping, slides along the ground with jump animation. Can't turn around.
%patch $84B8 $50

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