DONE signs

Completed patches for Keen Dreams.
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DONE signs

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In Keen Dreams DONE signs work a bit like flags; any level icon that has tile 90 ($5A) under it will become the top left of a done sign when that level is completed. Nominally three tiles in the foreground are replaced, but there seems to be something involving tile 0 too.

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#Tiles used in DONE sign:
%patch $4B59 $5A     #Tile that when under level icon triggers DONE sign
%patch $4B53 $00 $00 #Clears 1,1 and 2,1 of level icon block
%patch $4B75 $83 $00 #1,1 (DO)
%patch $4B82 $84 $00 #2,1 (NE)
%patch $4B67 $85 $00 #2,2 (Sign stick)
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